How To Use Gmail To Filter Spams In Your ISP Or Company E-mail Account

Everyone was trying their best to get a Gmail account when Gmail was first introduced. Gmail account registration was by invitation only. Gmail users were selling Gmail account invitations on Ebay. Now, Gmail has open up its account registration, allowing everyone to create Gmail account from its web site.

Nowadays, spam e-mails are accounted for more than 95 percent of total e-mails that arrive in your inbox. Unless your mail server has spam filtering protection in place, else you will end up having to retrieve all the spams to your e-mail client software and delete them one by one.

In the early days, Gmail spam filter was unable to catch spams effectively. Over the period of time, Gmail spam filter system has improved significantly. Most of the spams that reach your Gmail account will end up in the spam folder.

You will now ask about how to use the Gmail account to filter your personal POP3 e-mail account at your ISP or web hosting provider?

The answer is simple, that is e-mail forwarding.

Gmail allows you to retrieve e-mails to your e-mail clients software (eg. Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora) via POP3, and send e-mails from your e-mail client software via SMTP.

Step 1
Setup e-mail forwarding in your existing POP3 account to forward all incoming e-mails to your Gmail account. If your POP3 e-mail account is hosted with a web hosting provider, most of the hosting packages include a control panel, such as Cpanel, HSphere, and etc. that allows you to setup e-mail forwarding yourself.

If you don’t have the privilege to setup e-mail forwarding, you should ask your ISP administrator or web hosting provider to setup the e-mail forwarding for you.

Step 2
Setup your e-mail client software to connect to Gmail via POP3. For information about configuring your e-mail client software, please refer to this link.

If you are unable to connect to Gmail because your company firewall is blocking traffic from going through non-standard ports, I will show you a way to overcome this problem at this link.

Step 3
Check the box to leave a copy of the e-mails in the mail server. This is optional if you wish to have a copy of the e-mails save in your Gmail account.

Step 4
Save your settings.

It’s time to check for e-mails by connecting to your Gmail account via POP3. All incoming e-mails that arrive at your ISP or web hosting e-mail account to be automatically forwarded to your Gmail account.

You should now be able to download e-mails minus all those spam e-mails that are filtered by Gmail to your e-mail client software.


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