Why Pay More For A Domain Name That Cost Less Than $10?

The number of domain name registration has been increasing year after year. Most of the single word found in the dictionary or easily pronounceable were already registered.

You can still buy registered domain names in the domain name aftermarkets. Registered domain name owners place their domain names for sale at these domain name aftermarkets web sites hoping for some buyers to pay a good price and make a profit from the sale. The price could range from several hundred dollars to tens of thousand dollars.

The most popular top level domain (TLD) is the .com, which stands for Commercial. Most internet surfers will type the .com TLD in the web browser instead of other TLD, such as .net, .org, and etc.

Domain name registrars established since the early days are pricing new domain names registration for $35 USD. Why do you need pay more while you can register a domain name and get the same or even better features for less than $10 USD?

If you plan to have Internet presence for your company or to create a personal web site, StayHost.com is one such portal that offers new domain name registrations and transfers for less than $10 USD per year.

StayHost.com is a one-stop portal that provides web hosting, e-mail accounts hosting, and SSL certificates. A web-based customer accounts interface allows you to administrate and manage the products and services you purchased.

If you are planning to setup an e-commerce web site, you need to purchase a SSL certificates in order to encrypt sensitive data such as credit card information that travels between your web server and your customers’ web browser.

Building a personal web site is also an easy task. If you do not have the know-how to turn text and images into nicely formatted web pages, StayHost.com offers a product that allows you to build your very own web site online with its more than 800 easy-to-use templates.

Register or transfer a domain name at StayHost.com and start building your very own web site today!

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